Wall Mart & Other Brainy Businesses

Imagine Walmart only selling walls. And Apple Genius Bar as a fruit purveyor for MENSA. Or Samsung an a cappella group of singers named Samantha or Sam.  What's (creatively, literally) in a name?! 

I recently asked a team of smart marketers to consider brands that could launch alternative business plans BASED SOLELY ON THEIR NAME. Some of their most creative answers:    

  • Barnes & Noble sells fancy barn equipment
  • Office Depot becomes a commercial leasing company
  • GAP launches dental practice and a bridge-building division
  • Lowe’s opens auction house for Rob Lowe personal memorabilia
  • Southwest Airlines introduces one-way flights -- in planes that ONLY fly in one direction (SW!)
  • Ace Hardware launches store to get high-fives
  • Anthropologie authors self-help books
  • Panera sells kitchen supplies
  • Macy’s creates designer line of pepper spray


While the question had nothing to do with our assigned brainstorm topic, the 5 minute Brain Battle energized the rest of our meeting. Click HERE for easy instructions for trying this warm-up at your next team Zoom.

Shout out to @nepaootm for the fun exercise. Credit to Highland Homes marketing team for the brilliant answers!     

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