Fast. Fresh. Fun!

My Brainstorm Studio is for remote teams wanting better ideas - and biz brains needing better brainstorms.  Robyn's elevator speech 


Your remote team's facilitated brainstorm is "held" on my virtual whiteboard featuring a colorful Braintrax Board -- agenda of strategic questions, idea prompts, original ideation exercises designed specifically to your brainstorm challenge. It's purpose is to override "default thinking" mode.

Throughout session, participants type their ideas directly onto the Board.  

How does it work?   

Meeting begins as video-conference, then shifts to all-hands-on-keyboard experience as team accesses the Braintrax Board via shared link in chat. Team minimizes video-conference screen, retaining audio function.

    1. Facilitator introduces each Board activity - gives example response, sets on-screen timer  
    2. Participants (anonymously!) type/post ideas directly onto Board for all to see and build-on until timer signals end of exercise
    3. Facilitator moves team to next Board exercise   
    4. Majority of session is silent - to assure all voices heard visually. Verbal sharing invited at key moments
    5. On-screen voting function identifies group's top solutions
    6. 48hrs later -- participants emailed link to Idea Harvest to post additional ideas and feedback. (Idea Harvest is their original Braintrax Board - now covered with session output that has been synthesized, filtered and polished. 

      Why does it work? 

      Remote 'storms simply can't replicate the intoxicating collaborative energy +  team-building + fun snacks of in-person ideation. (Yes, I said that.) But they CAN produce the same caliber of fresh ideas if thoughtfully designed and facilitated.


      My Brainstorm Studio keeps participants engaged and accountable, without video self-consciousness that can distract creativity or wait-your-turn-to-talk format that slows ideation flow.

      Your Idea Harvest delivers results while the ideas and team interest are still hot.

      Why is it easy? 

      As team leader, all you have to do is show up & 'storm. I handle all session planning, facilitation, idea note-taking and "harvest." You don't even have to provide snacks!

      How much does it cost?

      Not as much as you'd think. And absurdly less than time your team wasted in non-productive ideation. Or the stress/time/budget you'll spend planning, facilitating and harvesting your own creative shindig. 

      See prices here. Pro-bono arrangements available for non-profit orgs.  

      What can my team brainstorm? 

      You name it - we'll 'storm it. Marketing and communications challenges are my sweet spot. My Brainstorm Studio format can also help leaders quickly gather unexpected info, insight and input on (  ?????????  ) across multiple teams.   

      Session Deliverables? 

      Leveraging 20+ years in the idea business, I "harvest" (synthesize, filter, polish) your team's thinking into an Idea Menu of fresh solutions. Idea Menu added to your team's Brain Board - which still features all thoughts posted during session. Participants receive emailed link to (what's now called) Idea Harvest Board. They can post feedback, additional ideas, vote on favorites, etc. 

      Turn-around 48 hrs post session

      Is Session 100% silent? 

      No. Majority of session is dedicated to (quiet) visual ideation/expression - but verbal breaks taken for instructions, questions, idea builds, laughter and team bonding.  

      My team has never used online whiteboard - is it hard? 

      Not at all! Drag and click usability. Easier than navigating analog remote control - which I personally find vexing! Each session begins with fast 'n fun tutorial, masked as creative warm-up/ice breaker.  

      How many participants can play?

      Typical sessions accommodate up to 12 participants, though adjustments can be made based on assignment. 

      What technology will participants need? 

      Laptop or desktop with reliable/high-speed connection - mobile device won't work. Quiet/private space to concentrate - free from distractions. 

      Is there session prep/pre-work?

      Brief me on the brainstorm assignment via Brain Dump form HERE. Then join me for a 30-minute Sound Check call to be sure I heard you right... 

        Brainstorm Timeline?

        You complete the Brain Dump  and Sound Check at least two days before your team's brainstorm - I'll deliver Idea Harvest 48 hours after session.   

         Do I have to purchase online? 
        Of course not!  I just thought Shopify would be a cool platform for a Brainstorm Shop. Happy to invoice your accounting folks.   

        What if I have more questions?

        Please email me at I'll respond asap!