Been There, Brainstormed That

My experience is diverse. My brainstorms have helped all types of teams (and brains!) rethink business as usual.  

Most popular brainstorm assignments:  

  • Message development
  • Increase audience awareness/caring/urgency  
  • Brand positioning or reVisioning 
  • Product innovation 
  • Naming
  • Content ideas
  • Campaign activation ideas
  • Agency RFP/New Biz opportunity 
  • Revitalize my team's creative problem-solving skills
While it's hard to name a business category I haven't brainstormed - I most frequently work with brands in these industries:  
  • B2B & B2C Technology 
  • Marketing & PR agencies
  • QSR, Food & Beverage   
  • Financial Services
  • Big Box Retail (and consumer products sold there!) 
  • Media & Entertainment 
  • B2B Industrial 
  • Non-Profits, Institutions, Associations