B2B Product Message/Content Workshop

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2-Session Brainstorm built for B2B teams tasked with lead-generating content. Delivers stronger message and calendar full of stickier content ideas.  

Session One: Refine Your Message (2 hours) 

  • Expert facilitated online whiteboard session to identify your most engaging/competitive/effective (product) message

Session Two: Activate Your Message  (2 hours)

  • Expert facilitated online whiteboard session to brainstorm powerful content ideas that provoke response

2 sessions. 2 hours each. Held at least 2 days apart. 


  • Sound Check #1 - Briefing call w/you+me to unpack assignment and test my understanding of your product, target customer and competitive marketplace 
  • Brain Track #1- Custom Message Workshop agenda to prompt fresh thinking and alignment around how to best verbalize your product's key competitive advantage
  • Harvest #1 - Filtered, synthesized & polished recap of session's top messaging solutions to Refine Your Message; used to ground Session #2
  • Sound Check #2- Follow-up call w/you + me to discussion Harvest #1 and Message Refinement before proceeding to content ideation
  • Brain Track #2 - Custom Brainstorm agenda to generate fresh and addictive Content ideas based on your refined message
  • Harvest #2 - Filtered, synthesized & polished recap of session's top Content ideas, plus snapshot of all participant output - delivered 48 hrs after session
  • Up to 12 participant "seats" in My Brainstorm Studio, private digital workspace powered by MURAL online whiteboard that's uploaded with your Brain Track, and expertly facilitated throughout the 90-min sessions NOTE: For effectiveness same participants should participate is BOTH sessions. 


Email robyn@braintrax.com 

(And yes, I can invoice your company vs. charge your personal credit card)