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Grab-a-Think is an hour-long pro-bono brainstorm for worthy CSR initiatives. It's also my favorite way to introduce new teams to the benefits of expert-facilitated ideation, the fun of Brain Battle and the unexpected ideas inspired by a custom-built Brain Track.  


  • Sound Check - Briefing call with you/me to unpack assignment, triple-check we brainstorm right problem
  • Brain Track - Custom brainstorm agenda to prompt freshest thinking around your assignment. Think fun-to-follow treasure map... leading brains to unexpected ideas.   
  • Up to 12 participant "seats" in My Brainstorm Studio, a private digital workspace powered by a MURAL online whiteboard, pre-loaded with your team's Brain Track.  
  • Brain Battle Warm-up - Designed to sets creative tone/expectation/permission, while familiarizing team w/whiteboard tools.   
  • Idea Harvest - filtered, synthesized & polished recap of session's top solutions, plus snapshot of all participant ideas - delivered 48 hours after session. Because no one reads/needs pages and pages of raw brainstorm notes.

Why Pro-Bono?  

Because it's for a good cause. Because I know participants will think to visit My Brainstorm Studio for their next 'storm.  And most importantly, because I have more fun grabbing thinks than drinks. (Though we can do both!)